Monday, 21 February 2011

Creepiest Romantic Dinner Ever

So apparently this guy on Reddit likes to explore sewer systems for some reason. Nothing really wrong with that I guess if your into that thing.
What is creepy is what you can find down there. Giant rats the size of dogs, disgarded radioactive gold fish and then this.
enkideridu is surmising that it is a leftover from valentines day and I have to agree with him. But can you imagine the situation
'Well honey I have a special dinner all planned out for us, just me and you not a soul around to disturb us,'
'Oh really, how romantic and just where is that you've got this booked? A special area of the best resteraunt in the city?'
'No not exactly,'
'Well I guess the second one will be just as good...'
'Erm...No We're going down to the sewers, I have a takeaway waiting for us.'
'Yeh, I don't want to see your face ever again..Although it does explain the smell.'

Hit the jump for all the creepy stuff

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