Friday, 18 February 2011

Amazing Steampunk Insects

We all know how awesome steampunk is and how much I love it. Just about everything is being turned into steampunk, from a whole computer systems to the Star Wars universe. Well now we have steampunk insects.
They're created by english artist Tom Hardwidge although he calls them Arthrobots.
Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces or recycled metal and beads which form an unusual structure or fit together in an interesting way. After they have been planned out (very roughly) they start to take shape in Tom's dining room where he has all of his tools and materials laid out to prevent any actual dining from taking place.

After they have been finished, each sculpture is named based on its natural counterpart (a grasshopper or dragonfly for example) and any unusual or unique features it has developed during the sculpting process (long legs or a steam valve on its back).
Check out the official page for all the information.
Hit the link for the full gallery.

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