Sunday, 28 September 2008

Running across the world

These guys made up the contraptions by basically hooking up a treadmill to a joystick so that when the treadmill moved it made the character on the screen move. And so obviously they put this to work so that they could literally run across World of Warcraft.

There's a video of them in action on their site at

Left out in the sun

It's always the same ain't it. It's a nice sunny day so you decide to go find the ice cream truck so that you can cool down with a nice cone. Only to get there and find that it's melted in the

Can you help?

You really have to ask yourself what's worse. The fact that someone has put up the notice trying to find his 'friend'. Or that there are people taking the number to help.

Flying with plenty of leg room

This Swiss guy, Yves Rossy, flew across the English channel. It took all of about 10 minutes to complete.
My only question is when can I get one? I mean I already have to superman costume.

You can control the empire

You can make up your very own army of stormtroopers and have Darth Vadar control them all. The guys at have made these brilliant cutout and fold kits that are totally free and easy to make.

Now go and take over the world, just remember who gave you the tools to make it all possible.

Click the picture for larger size

Click here for the Stormtrooper

Click here for Darth Vadar

The invasion has begun

It has started the empire has found us. Run for the hills...Although I don't have a clue what the hills are going to do seeing as how they're in spaceships.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

It's a me, Mario

Just print this, cut out and glue. Then you can live out your childhood memories of running around and stomping on mushrooms, although I wouldn't recommend using your head to crack open for the gold coins. You might hurt you hat..

Click here for the zip file
Warning: Page contains pop-up ads

Just remember and think about the mushrooms

He only wanted a kiss

Ahh you have to love how Seth Mcfarlane takes something as simple as Mario and twist it around to this.

Check out for more of the shorts.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Damn those ninjas are good

This is so true. I accidently got an invitation to the international ninja convention once, I'm really a 23rd ninja master although I don't practise it anymore. You know what it's like when your forced into the family business. 

Anyway I digress, all you really need to know is that when your at a ninja convention never call them names. You don't know where their hiding and listening, I'm now typing this with the metal claws the doctors gave me...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Way too many sticky notes

Ok so this takes the whole office supply thing to a whole new level. But it is so cool, and probably so old. Take a look.

Also you need to visit the website to find out how to do it all. Although if you get fired from your office then I'm not to blame.