Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cosplay Fails

I think we all know by now that when cosplay is done right, it's done right. But there are those select few that choose to dress up when they should really be hiding in a dark corner somewhere.
Hit the jump for the full gallery..You may need to bleach your eyeballs after it.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Creepiest Pieces Of Jewellery Ever

I have no idea why on the world you would even consider wearing these things.  They have to be the weirdest things that I have ever seen. I mean taxidermy is creepy enough as it is, as if you want to look at the animal you took care of posed in the one way for the rest of your life.
The only time it's acceptible if it's used as a pencil caddy and has pencil sharpners for eyes.
Hit the link for the full gallery and links to where you can get them you creepy, creepy lot.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Apple Mac Apple Art

Some of these are actually quite intuitive in the way that they use the Apple logo others are actually obvious.
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Alternative Phrases

Yeh sure I'll try them out while I tell you where you can shove them..Sorry 'I don't think you understand'.

Religion This Is

Pretty Sure That's Redundent

Take This, It's Dangerous

In This Situation Its The Only Word To Use

Monday, 21 February 2011

Creepiest Romantic Dinner Ever

So apparently this guy on Reddit likes to explore sewer systems for some reason. Nothing really wrong with that I guess if your into that thing.
What is creepy is what you can find down there. Giant rats the size of dogs, disgarded radioactive gold fish and then this.
enkideridu is surmising that it is a leftover from valentines day and I have to agree with him. But can you imagine the situation
'Well honey I have a special dinner all planned out for us, just me and you not a soul around to disturb us,'
'Oh really, how romantic and just where is that you've got this booked? A special area of the best resteraunt in the city?'
'No not exactly,'
'Well I guess the second one will be just as good...'
'Erm...No We're going down to the sewers, I have a takeaway waiting for us.'
'Yeh, I don't want to see your face ever again..Although it does explain the smell.'

Hit the jump for all the creepy stuff

Saving For Another Deathstar

After having the first two blown up Vadar couldn't get the funds anymore from the empire and had to resort to other means of securing funds.
You don't want to see the pictures of what he got up to at night.

I Really Hope This Is A Real Place

Becuase I want to go so badly, mind if you were staying there I'm pretty sure that you would be going all the time. To pee that is...Bet you have to go pee now just looking at the waterfall.

Everyone Has A Fetish

I just really wonder about some people.

Sad Car Is Sad

Took You Long Enough

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Justin Bieber Is Dead

Well on the new CSI episode. Here's the clip of him being shot and killed. Yup I've watched a few times now.

Also here's the review of his movie on IMDB. 14,874 ratings, I would call that a win.

Shave My Wife?

Biker Poodle

Trying to be the little hard biker dude...Turning out looking like the little biker chick.

This Makes Me Laugh So Hard

You have to feel the pain...When you start laughing so hard that your sides actually burst.

What A Twist In The Ending

You have to read this all the way through for the shocking ending.

Super Awesome Slide

Friday, 18 February 2011

Amazing Steampunk Insects

We all know how awesome steampunk is and how much I love it. Just about everything is being turned into steampunk, from a whole computer systems to the Star Wars universe. Well now we have steampunk insects.
They're created by english artist Tom Hardwidge although he calls them Arthrobots.
Each Arthrobot starts its life as a series of sketches, some take their inspiration from nature, others from bits and pieces or recycled metal and beads which form an unusual structure or fit together in an interesting way. After they have been planned out (very roughly) they start to take shape in Tom's dining room where he has all of his tools and materials laid out to prevent any actual dining from taking place.

After they have been finished, each sculpture is named based on its natural counterpart (a grasshopper or dragonfly for example) and any unusual or unique features it has developed during the sculpting process (long legs or a steam valve on its back).
Check out the official page for all the information.
Hit the link for the full gallery.

Swimsuit On A Rollercoaster

For no reason, enjoy. Also possible NSFW depending on how yoour boss feels about heavy cleavage on a rollercoaster

Yeh I get Like That As Well

All Of Mankind Can Feel The Pain

Words Escape Me

Rubber Necking

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Famous Pictures Legoized

Here is a selection of some of the most famous photographs taken throughout history only retold by the power of lego.
Hit the jump for the full showcase.

Sword Fighting Frogs

Your argument is invalid.

WTF Is That Thing

No chance on this earth that thing would be touching me. Unless of course I was dead, then it would just be my ghost screaming.

Bouncy Castle Control?

Is it really required that you need bouncy castle control? What am I talking about where I stay I need Chuck Norris.

Its The Tree Ent

Lilo And Stitch: Grown Up

Wow stitch built up some muscle.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Rattling In The Engine

So here's how the sotry goes.
Man goes to the garage complaining about a rattling coming from under the bonnet. Mechanic takes it out for a drive and hears but can't seem to pin point it. They spend an hour taking the car apart to find, well this.
Hit the jump to see what it is that what causing all the noise.

How Do You Want To Die

It's by either the gun or the cat..The cat is probably the quicker way to die.

A Leap Of Faith

Well That's One Tight Fit

Monster Pothole

Where I am, Scotland, there's an awful lot of bitching about potholes in the road. I have to say it isn't as bad as this, yet.

GTA Police Facebook Chat

So apprently a rookie on the force isn't too happy about the way things are treated...Me I think it all works out in the end.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Awesome Animals

Well it seems to be animal day one way or another. I really didn't mean it like that...Or did I? See what I did there.
Hit the jump for the full showcase of cuteness.

What You Thinking About

Well Hi There!

This really is one of those situations where you would simple nod your head and then slowly retract it back into your home vowing never to be so curious ever again.

Just What Would You Do?

I'm pretty sure there's another couple of options that could be added to the bottom of that list.


Oh my God cuteness overload. I don't care if this is a photoshop job my cat is getting a paint job tonight.

Don't Forget Your Other Special Someone

Nothing like preparing them a special meal...But where's the candle?