Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Epic Halloween Post

And it has come round yet again. All hallows eve.

The pumpkin has been the symbol of a house celebrating Halloween as long as Halloween has been celebrated, and if they haven't then they should be. Here's a selection of some extreme ones for you to gaze upon.

and what would any good Halloween evening be without an incredibly terrifying movie to keep you hiding behind your couch. Here's a selection of some of the scariest. Make sure to check out the source for the top 25.

And hey you've got to dress up as well. It's really the whole point in the night isn't it. There's the good and then the bad and of course the ugly.

And then you can't forget the animals either. You just know that they are sitting there waiting to join in.

Then there's all those scary urban legends that you tell each other to see who can freak out the others the best. This site just happens to have 6 creepy ones that are actually true.

#6. Something Off About That Picture

A young man is dropping off groceries at the house of an eccentric old lady when he notices an old photo that makes the hair on his arms stand on end. The photo's normal enough--a young boy in his Sunday best--but something just seems off. He asks the old lady who it is.

"Oh," she replies, trying to stuff a cat in the dishwasher "isn't that beautiful? You can hardly tell he's dead."

Finally there's the one picture that doing the rounds on the interwebby and also scaring the bejebbers out of many...myself included.

Feel free to make your own stories up for this one. Make sure you send them in to me. I'll post the best one, as in the one that doesn't let me sleep for a week. Same goes for your costumes although I'll also include the one that stops me breathing with laughing so hard.
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